Justine Robinson

MTV 2019 VMAs

MTV enlisted the help of Kamp Grizzly in creating the promotional campaign for the 2019 Video Music Awards. In collaboration with MTV’s internal creative team, I art directed and led a fleet of motion designers, 3D designers, and editors to concept and produce this broadcast, social, OOH, and environmental campaign.

We crafted an entire visual language around the idea of fast-forwarding, rewinding, and hitting play on all of the best moments the VMAs have brought pop culture and created over 400 video assets for global broadcast and social.

2019 / Creative & Art Direction

Client: MTV
Agency: Kamp Grizzly
Creative Direction: MTV, Justine Robinson & Garrett Close
Art Direction: Justine Robinson & Garrett Close
Motion Design: Franky Martin, Cory Otjen, Owen Murphy, Sam Zimman, Dan Moreno, Alex Bernard, & Dan Kim
Editing: Matt Taylor & Jake Carpenter
3D Design: Michael Gibson

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