Justine Robinson

Kamp x Kate’s “A Scoop of Love”

Every year, Kamp Grizzly partners with a local small business to give back and do something fun for the community. This year, Kamp partnered with Kate’s Ice Cream (the best f*cking vegan ice cream you could possibly ever put into your mouth) to create a custom flavor. $1 of every pint and scoop sold was donated to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland and Airway Science for Kids.

Yes, I did fill my freezer with, like, 20 pints of Pineapple Strawberry Swirl ice cream. No, I have no shame.

2022 / Creative & Art Direction

Client: Kate’s Ice Cream x Kamp Grizzly
Agency: Kamp Grizzly
Creative Direction: Justine Robinson
Design: Tyeesha Marcell

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