Justine Robinson

H&R Block “Help is Here”

Do you like taxes?! Yeah? That’s weird as fuck! No? Surprise, me either! However, I do love it when someone else helps me with my taxes, thus making the whole process feel less like journeying into the belly of Mordor alone and more like having a friend to help you along the way. In this analogy, if I’m Frodo and the One Ring to Rule Them All™ is my undone taxes, H&R Block is Samwise Gamgee, the friend carrying me over the finish line when I just cannot keep my shit together anymore.

Working alongside an absolute powerhouse of a team at Carmichael Lynch, I helped craft the creative and art direction for H&R Block’s 2022 tax season campaign. Five unique films with various cutdowns, 30+ social videos, and thousands of banners reached across broadcast, digital, and retail to help get the word out that 🗣️🗣️🗣️“Help is Here!”

(Yes, I did sneak my name into one of the spots and, yes, we did shoot at the same supermarket as seen in S11E3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.)

2021 / Creative & Art Direction

Client: H&R Block
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Director: Matt Swanson
Production: Epoch
Editor: Cut+Run
Creative Direction: Marty Senn & Josh Leutz
Associate Creative Directors: Justine Robinson & Sarah Keats
Copywriter: John Sokolowski

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